How To Run A 300 Meter Race With Usain Bolt Like Speed

People ask us and we see people asking on all the forums around the net, how do I run with Usain Bolt like speed?

You may not like the answer because this will literally be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, but this will get you to your genetic potential faster than any other training method that we’ve ever seen and cumulatively we have over 50 years of training experience.

We need a super disclaimer on this one because this is only for the true hardcore insane fitness crew. If you really are one, you already know it and we don’t have to tell you.

If you doubt that you are, you may not want to read the rest of this page as this is only for the people who love hardcore challenges.

Disclaimer: Do NOT make this or any exercise changes to your life without first consulting your exercise educated health care practitioner. What you are about to read is not for everyone. If you even think you might have the slightest challenge anywhere on your body don’t do this. You will need to be in above average shape to even attempt this just once.


You have a genetic potential that you cannot exceed without drugs, surgeries or other interventions. We not only don’t recommend drugs, surgeries or other interventions we are adamantly saying stay away from them at all costs.

They won’t help you in the long run and may kill you.

Please understand, you may or may not have the genetic potential to run as fast as Mr. Bolt. In fact the odds are that you don’t because Usain is a freak of nature. So, the chances are you won’t beat his times.

However, the program outlined below will take you to the upper limits of your genetic potential faster than you had ever dreamed possible.

The Program

The simplicity here is mind boggling.

The mental toughness you’ll need to actually perform this is equally mind boggling to the masses. If you saw our article How To Handle Family And Friends Who Think Your Training Is Crazy  then you already know everyone thinks you’re nuts for the way you train.

Well, they are going to think you just took crazy to a whole new level after you start doing this.

To Start With

To start this conversation I’d like to ask you a question.

Can you become the world’s fastest runner by running slow? Or could you become the world’s strongest man or woman by lifting light weights?

The answer is NO.

To become the world’s strongest you have to lift the heaviest weights. Or, to become the world’s fastest you have to run faster than anyone else even believes is possible.

Here is the law of training: As you train, so shall you become.

If you train with light weights you’ll be good at lifting light weights. If you train running slowly you’ll be good at running slowly.

To run fast you must train running fast as well.

This should be 100% logical. If it’s not, then you need to think about this a little more because this really is the way it works.

How To Train To Run Really, Really Fast.

  1. Pick your distance. It should be a distance that is practical. Let’s say you decide on the 300 meter race. If you prefer the 200 or 100 meter the training is the same.

But, for this article we will use the 300 meter race.

  1. Warm up with some light jogging and then a 40 meter sprint at 70% of your top speed. Then walk that off for a few minutes until you feel you’re beyond ready.
  2. Massage your leg muscles a bit to really make sure they are ready to perform.

Now Comes The Training

You go to your starting point for the 300 meter run (as we said, you can do 200 or 100 meters if you prefer).

You have someone there to time you.

They say go.

You sprint as fast as you can for as long as you can. Then you keep running. walking or crawling as fast as you possibly can until you complete the 300 meters.

In your mind your goal is to sprint the full 300 meters like you were sprinting a 40 yard dash.

You keep up that 40 yard dash pace for as long as you can. Then you keep running as fast as you can for the rest of the distance. If you fall down you crawl, if your arms break from crawling you pull yourself with your chin. If your jaw breaks you use your eyeball as a suction cup to pull yourself over the finish line.

The thing is you finish the 300 meters.

You then find a grassy area to throw up or lay down in until you can walk again.

Yes, the broken arms, legs and using your eye socket aren’t advised. That was said so that you’ll understand the mentality you need to do this.

You run that distance starting at a sprint and finishing the distance as fast as you can.

Then you go home, eat, sleep and recover.

7 Days Later

Within 7 days you should be recovered from that run.

Now you go do that exact same thing again.

This time however you’re going to find that you can run much farther before you stop sprinting and your total time will dramatically improve.

You then go home, rest eat and recover.

You do this once every 7 days. If you’re not recovered then go once every 10 days or 14 days as need be.

DO NOT train like this more often than every 7 days. You might think you’re recovered, but you’re not.

You continue this training until you’re sprinting the entire 300 meters.

You might think it’s impossible. But that’s what they said about the 4 minute mile until Carl Lewis shattered that myth too.

If you want to run fast, you must train running fast.

If you want to run insanely fast, you must train running insanely fast.

Remember the law of training: As you train, so shall you become.

One last word. Don’t do this if you’re not in good shape already and follow the disclaimer.