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How To Eat For Maximum Fat Loss While Keeping Your Muscle Mass

Discovering how to eat for maximum fat loss while keeping your muscle mass is the holy grail of looking lean. This the one thing every dieter wishes they could pull off. It’s the hardest thing about any physic display sport on the planet.

It’s also the bane of the masses.

You on the other hand will be able to pull it off and do so in style all while not even thinking you’re dieting.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive right in as soon as we get the disclaimer portion out of the way.

Disclaimer: We are not dispensing medical advice. Please seek the advice of counsel of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner prior to any exercise or dietary changes.

Ok, now we have to admit something. the secret to doing this is really not that hard. It’s just that it’s really hard to get average people to do it because it involves a little work.

However, once you discover how this is done you’ll be in the driver’s seat and be able to look lean year round while still adding size or maintaining weight.

Are you ready for your real benefit, the one that will have you loving this for the rest of your days?

Ok, here it is….

You Don’t Have To Diet!

Yes, that’s correct. You can actually eat a surplus of calories and still lose all the body fat you want.

The Truth About Fat Loss

Here it is in a nutshell. You can’t live long term on a caloric deficit below your resting Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is the rate of your metabolism if you were to remain mostly sedentary for a day and analyze how many calories your body burned.

The reason you can’t maintain this BMR deficit is that your metabolism will drop and you’ll have to eat less and less and less calories over time to create that same deficit.

Yes, you’ll stay lean. But, you’ll just keep getting smaller.

The Secret To Permanent Leanness

You keep your calories relatively high to maintain an anabolic environment and you keep your activity level high enough burn off the fat and keep you lean.

Here’s How It’s Done

Eat enough calories so that you’re maintaining your weight and shape without doing any cardio.

This means that you’d take a week off of cardio and get your calories tuned in. Eat just enough so that you’re not going up or down in weight or how you look in the mirror.

Now add in 100 calories worth of extra protein into your diet. This will give you more protein to ensure you build and or maintain your muscle. If your body does want to use it as energy it will lose approximately 1/3rd of it converting it to carbohydrates. This means that it will be even harder for your body to store it as fat as it loses so much just converting it.

Now add your cardio back in with sufficient quantity to burn at least 200 calories per day.

If you do cardio 4 days per week make sure you burn at least 350 calories per cardio session 4 days per week.

The reason is that; you need to burn 200 calories per day times 7 days per week equals 1,400 calories. If you do cardio 4 days per week you divide 1,400 by 4 and you get 350. So, burn off 350 calories per cardio session 4 days per week and you’ll have a 100 calorie per day deficit over the 100 calories of extra protein you took in.

You’re going to be eating MORE than you were when you tested your BMR level. Protein is very satiating which means you’ll feel more satisfied than normal.

But! You’ll have a 100 calorie per day deficit which means that you’ll be losing body fat while the extra protein keeps you full, builds new muscle and protects the muscle you already have.

You’ll never feel like you’re dieting because you aren’t.

One of the main benefits is that unlike being on a diet where you have to go off of it because you can’t live like that. Here, you can remain eating and training like this for the rest of your life.