Are Sports And Energy Drinks Good Or Bad For Athletes?

This is a common question we get asked all the time, are sports and energy drinks good or bad for athletes?

This is a loaded question and one that we will have to break down by type of drink so that we can be fair to the ones that are beneficial and tell you the ones that aren’t.

To Begin…

To start with we would like to say that we truly believe that you should get as many of your nutritional needs met as possible from whole foods.

So, instead of having a carb drink, have a baked yam, a bowl of oatmeal or a couple pieces of fruit.

That being said, we know everyone is busy and craves the convenience of a shake or a premade beverage that all you have to do is pop the top and drink it. We totally get that. But, that doesn’t mean we are going to stop telling you to do what’s really best for you which is to consume whole foods first and supplements second.

That being said,

Are sports and energy drinks good or bad for athletes?

Let’s break it down into the different categories and go over them one by one.

Category 1 Energy Drinks

We can say without reservation that if the ‘energy’ drink contains stimulants that it is one of the worst thinks you can put into your body as an athlete.

Newton proved in his ‘Laws Of Gravity’ works that; what goes up, must come down. This means you too!

When you stimulate yourself with herbal stimulants or caffeine you send your heart rate soaring dangerously when engaging in sport or training for sports of any physical nature and kind.

You have falsely jacked yourself up, put yourself at great risk and now you inevitably have to come down of that stuff.

This is not good for your body in any way shape or form. As a matter of fact it can be harmful both in the long and short terms.

If it doesn’t appear that the drink has any herbal stimulants of caffeine, then how is it giving you ‘energy’?

If they are herbs that assist the body in producing its own energy such as the action of Vitamin B-12 then that’s perfectly fine. But, direct stimulants should not be used to enhance athletic performance as they can potentially carry the gravest of consequences as shown in the deaths of several people who have consumed them.

Category 2 Sports Drinks That Carb You Up Or Replace Electrolytes

These can be consumed if you want, but be wary that you watch your blood sugar response to them so you don’t start setting yourself up for diabetic challenges later on.

Also, you should limit their consumption due to the fact that many have been shown to rot your teeth faster than even soda does.

Do they really help?

Well. if you’re in the middle of a game, match or meet and you’re bonking (out of energy) then use them. If you’re full of energy and raring to go then don’t.


Category 3 Meal Replacement Drinks And Bars

These should not be used to replace whole foods as they are missing out on so many of the vitamins, minerals, phyto nutrients, enzymes and other factors only found in whole foods.

That being said, they do have their place.

As an example: If you know that you just won’t eat 6 meals per day but you need to so you can diet or pack on the size, then use them.

If having 4 whole food meals per day and two high quality meal replacements gets the job done, then go for it. So long as the bulk of your calories come from whole foods.

If you’re using them because otherwise you just won’t meet your protein requirements for the day then go for it as well.

Category 4 Protein Shakes

This is the one category where you can pretty much do as much as you like.

You really want to be sure that your protein product doesn’t have artificial sweeteners or that it’s loaded with sugars or fructose as this is not a real protein powder.

Instead go for one that’s just whey protein, just brown rice protein or the like with no other added ingredients.

This is going to give you the most protein bang for your buck and you can add it to anything you want to make it taste how you like it.

Having a protein shake and a salad is perfectly acceptable. Or a shake and a baked yam, baked potato, several pieces of fruit or anything else that’s whole food. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

In Reality

You just don’t want to give your body anything that pushes it around or weakens it. These things will never be good for you no matter what the TV commercial says.

We are not against supplementation at all. It’s just that we are very, very pro whole foods and you should be too if you want real long term success.

How To Run Your First Sub 20 Minute 5K

It’s asked all over the net on sites, on forums and by many in the insane fitness USA crew. How do I run a sub 20 minute 5k?

The answer to that is surprisingly easy. So, we’ll break it down below. But first we have to get that disclaimer out of the way.

Disclaimer: We are not dispensing medical advice. Please seek the advice of counsel of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner prior to any exercise or dietary changes.

Before we get started into how to run a sub 20 minute 5k we need to cover who can run one.

Can anyone do this?

The answer is most people between the ages of 18 and 50 that have no medical conditions or serious injuries, are not overweight and are not cautioned by their doctor to avoid strenuous activity should be able to work their way up to running a 5K in under 20 minutes.

Now Let’s Talk About The Secret

The secret to running any race above a 40 yard dash or so is pace.

You need to find your 1000 meter pace and get that to under 4 minutes. Then you simply hold that pace over the 5 1,000 meter sections.

Here are the things to consider:

  1. You don’t want to start your first 1,000 meters to fast. A lot of people say that they do great at first and then run out of gas at the end.

This is typical of people who start to fast. Remember, the secret to running is your pace.

  1. Your last half of the 5K should be faster than the first half. If you’re running right at 4 minutes per 1K then pick up the pace just a bit so that you’re running at 3:55 or less for the last half.
  2. Your last 1K should be faster than any of your other 1K sections. You should always focus on finishing strong.

Follow the above tips and it will really help you.

How To Run A Sub 20 Minute 5 Kilometer Race Or Distance

We will cover 2 ways to do it. One with and one without electronics.

We are here to tell you that a small investment in a piece of electronics will help you immeasurably. We’ll cover that below. But, you can do it without any gadgets, however, it’s just so much easier with them.

Method 1 – No Electronics:

Here you’ll need a watch with a great second hand or a friend with a stopwatch who’s willing to come out and time you.

This is very easy to do.

You simply go to an Olympic track. The inner track will be 400 meters long. Because it’s 400 meters long you’ll need to run it 12.5 times around to equal 5,000 meters or 5K.

When you divide 20 minutes by 12.5 you get 1.6 minutes or 1 minute and 36 seconds. This means that you must run each lap (once around the track) in less than 1:36.

You can use a watch with a second hand, a digital watch with really big numbers so it’s easy to see or have a friend time you.

That’s it. There is really nothing else to it but to do it.

As soon as you can run once under your time then work until you can run two laps, then three and pretty soon you’ll be at 12.5.

Method 2 – With Electronics:

Here we are going to recommend 3 different Garmin watches. The reason we recommend these three is that they have really big numbers so to can see them when you’re running without any effort. The ones with tiny numbers are a pain.

Here are the three we recommend, click their links to go see them: The Garmin 920 is one of the better watches out there. Yes, they have a newer model. But it doesn’t have some of the features we will talk about below. Plus, being a couple years old it’s a lot less cost than the newest model.

The Garmin 910 is just a small step down from the Garmin 920 and will work just fine.

Then, if you want to get a decent Garmin but save a bit of money then the Garmin 310 is the way to go.

With any of the Garmin’s above you simply set it to beep at you every 1,000 meters and you look to see your time.

This way you don’t have to worry about having friends time you on every run or having to count each time you lap the track.

You can just get into your stride and forget about everything else.

Be sure you’re running each 1K in under 4 minutes. Take care that you’re running smoothly, pace yourself and in no time you’ll be running 5K in under 20 minutes.

It’s ok if you can only do 1K under 4 minutes and the others take longer. Pretty soon you’ll be running 2 – 1K’s under 4 minutes each and then soon 3 of them, then 4 of them and then finally 5 of them.

So, to make it easy on yourself go have a look at the 3 Garmin’s and decide which is best for you. Here they are Garmin 920Garmin 910Garmin 310

You’ll be happy that you did.



How To Run A 300 Meter Race With Usain Bolt Like Speed

People ask us and we see people asking on all the forums around the net, how do I run with Usain Bolt like speed?

You may not like the answer because this will literally be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, but this will get you to your genetic potential faster than any other training method that we’ve ever seen and cumulatively we have over 50 years of training experience.

We need a super disclaimer on this one because this is only for the true hardcore insane fitness crew. If you really are one, you already know it and we don’t have to tell you.

If you doubt that you are, you may not want to read the rest of this page as this is only for the people who love hardcore challenges.

Disclaimer: Do NOT make this or any exercise changes to your life without first consulting your exercise educated health care practitioner. What you are about to read is not for everyone. If you even think you might have the slightest challenge anywhere on your body don’t do this. You will need to be in above average shape to even attempt this just once.


You have a genetic potential that you cannot exceed without drugs, surgeries or other interventions. We not only don’t recommend drugs, surgeries or other interventions we are adamantly saying stay away from them at all costs.

They won’t help you in the long run and may kill you.

Please understand, you may or may not have the genetic potential to run as fast as Mr. Bolt. In fact the odds are that you don’t because Usain is a freak of nature. So, the chances are you won’t beat his times.

However, the program outlined below will take you to the upper limits of your genetic potential faster than you had ever dreamed possible.

The Program

The simplicity here is mind boggling.

The mental toughness you’ll need to actually perform this is equally mind boggling to the masses. If you saw our article How To Handle Family And Friends Who Think Your Training Is Crazy  then you already know everyone thinks you’re nuts for the way you train.

Well, they are going to think you just took crazy to a whole new level after you start doing this.

To Start With

To start this conversation I’d like to ask you a question.

Can you become the world’s fastest runner by running slow? Or could you become the world’s strongest man or woman by lifting light weights?

The answer is NO.

To become the world’s strongest you have to lift the heaviest weights. Or, to become the world’s fastest you have to run faster than anyone else even believes is possible.

Here is the law of training: As you train, so shall you become.

If you train with light weights you’ll be good at lifting light weights. If you train running slowly you’ll be good at running slowly.

To run fast you must train running fast as well.

This should be 100% logical. If it’s not, then you need to think about this a little more because this really is the way it works.

How To Train To Run Really, Really Fast.

  1. Pick your distance. It should be a distance that is practical. Let’s say you decide on the 300 meter race. If you prefer the 200 or 100 meter the training is the same.

But, for this article we will use the 300 meter race.

  1. Warm up with some light jogging and then a 40 meter sprint at 70% of your top speed. Then walk that off for a few minutes until you feel you’re beyond ready.
  2. Massage your leg muscles a bit to really make sure they are ready to perform.

Now Comes The Training

You go to your starting point for the 300 meter run (as we said, you can do 200 or 100 meters if you prefer).

You have someone there to time you.

They say go.

You sprint as fast as you can for as long as you can. Then you keep running. walking or crawling as fast as you possibly can until you complete the 300 meters.

In your mind your goal is to sprint the full 300 meters like you were sprinting a 40 yard dash.

You keep up that 40 yard dash pace for as long as you can. Then you keep running as fast as you can for the rest of the distance. If you fall down you crawl, if your arms break from crawling you pull yourself with your chin. If your jaw breaks you use your eyeball as a suction cup to pull yourself over the finish line.

The thing is you finish the 300 meters.

You then find a grassy area to throw up or lay down in until you can walk again.

Yes, the broken arms, legs and using your eye socket aren’t advised. That was said so that you’ll understand the mentality you need to do this.

You run that distance starting at a sprint and finishing the distance as fast as you can.

Then you go home, eat, sleep and recover.

7 Days Later

Within 7 days you should be recovered from that run.

Now you go do that exact same thing again.

This time however you’re going to find that you can run much farther before you stop sprinting and your total time will dramatically improve.

You then go home, rest eat and recover.

You do this once every 7 days. If you’re not recovered then go once every 10 days or 14 days as need be.

DO NOT train like this more often than every 7 days. You might think you’re recovered, but you’re not.

You continue this training until you’re sprinting the entire 300 meters.

You might think it’s impossible. But that’s what they said about the 4 minute mile until Carl Lewis shattered that myth too.

If you want to run fast, you must train running fast.

If you want to run insanely fast, you must train running insanely fast.

Remember the law of training: As you train, so shall you become.

One last word. Don’t do this if you’re not in good shape already and follow the disclaimer.


How To Eat For Maximum Fat Loss While Keeping Your Muscle Mass

Discovering how to eat for maximum fat loss while keeping your muscle mass is the holy grail of looking lean. This the one thing every dieter wishes they could pull off. It’s the hardest thing about any physic display sport on the planet.

It’s also the bane of the masses.

You on the other hand will be able to pull it off and do so in style all while not even thinking you’re dieting.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive right in as soon as we get the disclaimer portion out of the way.

Disclaimer: We are not dispensing medical advice. Please seek the advice of counsel of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner prior to any exercise or dietary changes.

Ok, now we have to admit something. the secret to doing this is really not that hard. It’s just that it’s really hard to get average people to do it because it involves a little work.

However, once you discover how this is done you’ll be in the driver’s seat and be able to look lean year round while still adding size or maintaining weight.

Are you ready for your real benefit, the one that will have you loving this for the rest of your days?

Ok, here it is….

You Don’t Have To Diet!

Yes, that’s correct. You can actually eat a surplus of calories and still lose all the body fat you want.

The Truth About Fat Loss

Here it is in a nutshell. You can’t live long term on a caloric deficit below your resting Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is the rate of your metabolism if you were to remain mostly sedentary for a day and analyze how many calories your body burned.

The reason you can’t maintain this BMR deficit is that your metabolism will drop and you’ll have to eat less and less and less calories over time to create that same deficit.

Yes, you’ll stay lean. But, you’ll just keep getting smaller.

The Secret To Permanent Leanness

You keep your calories relatively high to maintain an anabolic environment and you keep your activity level high enough burn off the fat and keep you lean.

Here’s How It’s Done

Eat enough calories so that you’re maintaining your weight and shape without doing any cardio.

This means that you’d take a week off of cardio and get your calories tuned in. Eat just enough so that you’re not going up or down in weight or how you look in the mirror.

Now add in 100 calories worth of extra protein into your diet. This will give you more protein to ensure you build and or maintain your muscle. If your body does want to use it as energy it will lose approximately 1/3rd of it converting it to carbohydrates. This means that it will be even harder for your body to store it as fat as it loses so much just converting it.

Now add your cardio back in with sufficient quantity to burn at least 200 calories per day.

If you do cardio 4 days per week make sure you burn at least 350 calories per cardio session 4 days per week.

The reason is that; you need to burn 200 calories per day times 7 days per week equals 1,400 calories. If you do cardio 4 days per week you divide 1,400 by 4 and you get 350. So, burn off 350 calories per cardio session 4 days per week and you’ll have a 100 calorie per day deficit over the 100 calories of extra protein you took in.

You’re going to be eating MORE than you were when you tested your BMR level. Protein is very satiating which means you’ll feel more satisfied than normal.

But! You’ll have a 100 calorie per day deficit which means that you’ll be losing body fat while the extra protein keeps you full, builds new muscle and protects the muscle you already have.

You’ll never feel like you’re dieting because you aren’t.

One of the main benefits is that unlike being on a diet where you have to go off of it because you can’t live like that. Here, you can remain eating and training like this for the rest of your life.


How To Eat For Maximum Endurance Gains

When you’re looking to eat to maximize your endurance gains you just can’t eat like regular people.

We are sure that you already know that; if you want to achieve something above the ordinary, then you have to eat, sleep, act and most importantly think above the ordinary.

Eating for maximum endurance gains is a very different thing than the masses do. You can’t eat unconsciously. You’ll have to eat with a purpose in mind

Disclaimer: We are not dispensing medical advice. Please seek the advice of counsel of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner prior to any exercise or dietary changes.

First Things First

One of the rules you’ll need to put into place is that you really must eat whole natural foods.

Sure you can get ok results in the short term eating fast food, soda, candy, packaged foods and the like. But, any serious long term results are going to have to have whole natural foods as their base.

A couple of examples that will illustrate the differences between whole foods and garbage are:

  1. Don’t eat a fast food burger and fries where the burger may not even be real meat, the bun is less nutritious that cardboard and the fries were cooked in grease loaded with antibiotics.

Instead have a hamburger patty at home with a bowl of oatmeal.

  1. Don’t eat a bowl of sugar blast off breakfast junk in a bowl covered with coagulated moo juice.

Do eat a bowl of muesli with the milk substituted with a whey shake poured over it.

  1. Don’t eat fast food or a TV dinner.

Instead have a piece of real chicken, a salad and a baked yam.

The above are just a few examples that you can use. If you don’t like a particular food we mentioned then don’t eat it. Substitute that food for a whole natural food that you do like instead.


How Much To Eat

To do this properly we will have to break this down into two sections.

How To Determine exactly How Many Calories You Need

To get the proper amount of calories as an endurance athlete you need to eat for a week without gaining or losing any weight while performing your normal training protocols.

If you’re losing weight, eat a little more until you’re not. If you’re gaining weight eat a little less until you’re not.

The reason no one can tell you the exact amount of calories that you need is that your training, duration, intensity, sleep, metabolism and more are different that other people’s. You’re not some cookie cutter, fit into a box, one size fits all type of a person. You have to set the food quantity you require. No one else can do that for you.

So, just monitor everything you eat for a week and you should be good to go. If you need two weeks to get it down then take two weeks. It’s not a timed event, so no worries here.

What Macro Nutrient Profile Will Be Best

Macro nutrients are your protein, fats and carbohydrates (carbs). In contrast micro nutrients are your vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need in very small quantities.

The macro nutrient profile to stick with for at least a week to see how you do with it is; 60/20/20.

That is to say that your total calories should come from 60% carbohydrates, 20% from protein and 20% from the fats naturally found in your foods.

This will supply sufficient energy to fuel your training while providing for your muscles, organs and other tissues.

Ultra Distance

If you’re an ultra distance runner, cyclist or other sport participant then you may wish to adjust your macros just a bit. The reason is, training for 100 mile runs is different than even an insane trainer would be training for.

Here you should start with and adjust a macro nutrient ratio of 80/10/10.

That’s 80% carbohydrates, 10% from protein and 10% from the fats naturally found in your foods.

The reason is you’re not looking to carry much muscle. You’re looking at how to be as light as possible to carry less weight on those long runs or rides. You need more fuel to burn during training and nothing is cleaner burning that carbohydrates.

Give these a go depending upon your needs. You’ll find that they are pretty close. You may need to adjust them just a little to best fit your requirements, but, that’s pretty easy to do.

As an example: if you’re doing 60/20/20 and find you don’t have enough energy just switch it to 70/20/10 or 70% carbohydrates, 20% from protein and 10% from the fats naturally found in your foods.

This should give you that extra fuel ratio boost that you need and rocket you towards success.


If you’re interested in eating for maximum muscle gains please see our article called: How To Eat For Maximum Muscle Gains



How To Eat For Maximum Muscle Gains

Eating for maximum muscle gains is completely different than your average persons diet.

They are typically concerned with looking slim and trim or fighting the battle of the bulge. Whereas you’re concerned with putting on as much lean tissue (muscle) as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Disclaimer: We are not dispensing medical advice. Please seek the advice of counsel of your nutritionally educated health care practitioner prior to any exercise or dietary changes.

One Caveat

Before we begin we really have to say that eating for muscle growth won’t do anything unless you’re providing the stimulus. You have to be doing the exercises that will cause your body to build muscle by compensating and adapting to the training stimuli.

If you’re not doing that then no amount of dietary changes will help you. You must provide the stimulus for this to work.

Micro’s, Macro’s And Total Calories

It’s really all about ensuring you provide adequate micro nutrients, macro nutrients and total calories without such excess as will put on unwanted fat stores.

First let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

What are….

Micro Nutrients: These are your vitamins, minerals and other trace elements needed in very small (micro) quantities. In most cases you only need these in milligram or even microgram amounts.

Macro Nutrients: Here you’re talking about proteins, fats and carbohydrates (carbs).

They are called macro nutrients because you need these in much larger quantities called grams.

Total Calories: This means the total number of calories you consume per day.

What To Eat

Instead of getting into individual food recommendations which would be better suited for a lengthy book, what we’ll do here is talk about broad sweeping recommendations. These are the things you really must do to have success in your insane sports activities.

Be sure to follow the guidelines below to maximize your success.

Eat whole foods: Whole foods are what our bodies developed on over 100’s of thousands to millions of years (there are different theories as to how long humans have been around and we’re not getting into that). But, let’s just say that during human development fast food was the one that got away.

Make sure that the foods you eat are in as natural a state as possible.

A few examples are:

A). Eat muesli or oatmeal instead of junk breakfast cereals.

B). Eat whole roasted chicken instead of chicken nuggets.

C). Eat whole oranges and whole apples instead of orange or apple juice.

How Much To Eat

How much to eat can be broken down two ways. First, how many total calories to eat and second how much of each macro nutrient to consume per day. So, we will cover them in that order.

How Many Calories To Eat.

Eat enough calories so that you’re gaining 1/2 a pound to one pound per week without any cardio. This means that you’re weight training very intensely

OR, if you’re an aerobic athlete such as a sprinter, runner, cyclist etc.. Lower any of your training volume that involves a cardio component by one third and eat sufficient calories until you’re gaining 1/2 a pound to 1 full pound per week.

Then add back your 1/3rd of your cardio volume that you removed.

If you’re weight training now add medium intensity fat burning cardio into your regime 3 days per week.

The reason you do it this way is you’ll put back or add in the cardio so that you can burn off the extra fat while keeping your calories high and maintaining an anabolic environment.

Using this strategy you should put on high quality lean tissue while minimizing fat gains.

If you see you’re getting a little extra fat on your body, don’t cut the calories, instead increase the cardio by either intensity, duration or frequency. It’s better to add frequency first, duration second and intensity last.

This will keep you lean while maintaining the anabolic environment needed to put on muscle size.

What Macro Nutrient Profiles To Consume.

You’ll need to experiment with what works with your body and training the best. But, some general recommendations are.

For strength athletes or bodybuilders keep your macros in a about a 40/30/30 ratio.

That means 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. These are your percentages of total calories.

If you’re a sprinter, endurance athletes, cyclists etc… Keep your macros in about a 60/20/20 ratio.

This means 60% carbs, 20% protein and 20% fat.

The logic here is that your training requires more carbohydrates to fuel it.

Remember: if you find you’re getting a little extra body fat added on, first increase your cardio, don’t reduce your calories unless you absolutely have to.


When To Eat

You should really be eating 4 to 6 times per day with your calories spread out over those meals.

The reason is that you’re going to get a more even distribution of fuel and building blocks for recovery and repair.

Sure you can stick to 3 meals per day. However, spreading them out will make such a difference that once you do it for a week you’ll see what we mean.

If you’re interested in eating for maximum endurance gains please see our article called: How To Eat For Maximum Endurance Gains

How To Blast Past Your Training Plateaus

We all have training plateaus, they are just a part of making progress. So, the question becomes how do you blast past your training plateaus so you can achieve that next level?

What Really Is A Training Plateau Anyway?

A plateau is a leveling off point or a sticking point where progress has been halted or dramatically slowed.

What Causes A Training Plateau?

There are several possible causes that we will cover below.

  1. Over Training: Over training usually means to much volume. If you take weight training as an example: One set taken to complete momentary muscular failure can have a far greater effect on muscular hypertrophy than 10 sets at a medium intensity.

There is an old saying in the gyms that goes like this: “You can train long or you can train hard”. “But, you can’t train long and hard.”

In fact the ten sets will more than likely be too much and will constitute over training.

Then you have to look at training frequency. How often are you training.

Your body including your muscles, central nervous system and more need time to recover from your brutal workout you put them through. If you really trained to momentary muscular failure on every work set (sets after warm up), then you’re going to need a week or so to recover.

You need to realize that when you stop being sore from your workout that just means you’ve cleaned and or buffered all the lactic acid. You still need time to grow new lean tissue so that you’ll be bigger and stronger next time.

For serious drug free weight training shoot for training each body part once per week. You can adjust that up or down after you’ve done that for 3 months and have some real progress to judge from.

Just don’t be surprised if you actually need MORE time off to recover instead of less.

If you’re running or cycling then you would do your best ever run time once per week for short or middle distance running. Yes, you go out and set a new personal best time every single week.

Then you give your body plenty of time to recover and add new lean tissue.

If you’re a long distance runner you do the same thing but you may need more recovery time.

The logic is simple: if you want to get better at your activity, then you should get better at your activity each and every training session.

By training in this manner you’ll limit over training and maximize stimulus, recovery and growth.

  1. Inadequate Nutrition: You absolutely must eat properly for your sport.

You need to get the bulk of your calories from real whole foods. If you think that sports drinks, protein or carb bars are a great source of calories you’re going to have a seriously hard time exceeding your goals.

You need real foods, from the earth, that are not man made to build your natural body.

Do the needed research to ensure that you’re eating properly for your sport and eat the bulk of your calories from real whole foods.

Yes, you can use some supplements. But, they should not make up the bulk of your diet.

  1. Under Training: This won’t likely apply to you because you’re reading on a site called Insane Fitness USA, not Wimps R Us.

To avoid under training you simply have to ensure you’re providing enough stimulus to cause your body to change and adapt to your training.

  1. Lack Of Rest: This really means you’re not getting enough sleep. You need to get your full 8 hours per night of sleep if you really want to make improvements.

This is one you already know, so there’s no sense harping on it. Just be sure to get enough sleep.

To Blast Past Your Training Plateaus

To blast right past them, follow what we discussed above and you’ll be back to making gains in no time.


How To Handle Family And Friends Who Think Your Training Is Crazy

There is one thing to understand above all else when you ask yourself how you can handle family and friends who think your training is crazy.

The one thing to know is that; most people, whether they are family, friends or first time acquaintances will think that anything you do that is several levels above them or far from their norm is crazy.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. If you’re vegan people think you’re nuts and tell you that you’re going to die of a deficiency and then ask where do you get your protein?
  2. If you consciously decide not to have children many people will look at you like you have blasphemed their God. They will look at you in shock and near horror .
  3. Tell people that you’ve decided to sell all your possessions and travel the world for the rest of your life or until you tire of it. Then watch as they tell you the 501 reasons why that simply isn’t realistic and that you need to get your head out of the clouds and keep your precious job.

We’re sure you get the point, which is; when you tell people you’re going to do something, anything, that strays to far from their belief of what is realistic for them they will tell you you’re crazy.

Is Insane Fitness Really Insane?

When you take anything to that next level it becomes insane to people who think of that as being extreme.

But, is it really extreme.

The thing that’s going to define all of this for you is this next point.

You’re not crazy at all, you just think differently.

To the average investor Warren Buffet is an insane investor. But, we’ll bet that Warren doesn’t see himself as insane. In fact he might very well view average investors as the insane ones who work all day to buy their luxuries while he works to grow his investments and allows their income to buy his luxuries instead.

That happens to be one of the keys to becoming wealthy. You see your incomes as 1st and 2nd levels. Your income from your job, business or career is the first level, investment income is the 2nd level. You want to get to the point where you invest all of your 1st level income and live off your 2nd level income exclusively.

As another example:

Michael Jordon came an hour or two early to practice every day and was the last one to leave at night. Even his team mates thought he was crazy, but it’s one of the main factors that made him arguably the greatest basketball player of all time.

The above examples are a couple of people who have become the best at what they do.

People around them think they are crazy. There are stories of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father reprimanding and even punishing him for lifting weights because no one else was doing it.

But you see, it’s the freaks who accomplish great things, normal people stay in the middle and are happy with that.

Based on the fact that you’re reading this we will presume you’re not normal.

So, How Do You Handle Family And Friends Who Think Your Training Is Crazy

There are 3 ways to deal with them.

  1. You can separate yourself from them and not speak to them or disown them, which will leave you rather lonely looking exclusively for like minded people to hang out with.

This is not practical for most people. However, it may be necessary if you want to become the best in the world at something. The reason being is that; it’s pretty tough to be the world’s best at something if you’re surrounded by negativity and nay Sayers.

  1. You can explain it to them and ask that they support you which will happen with some people and not with others. This is the route most take and they find it like the people in their lives to be a mixed bag of results.
  2. Or, you can be super proactive and revel in the fact they think you’re nuts which completely takes away any power that their negativity could possibly have on you.

When a friend or family member says something like: Your training is insane, you’re a nut job and you’re going to kill yourself. You can reply with Thank you! I’m really glad to hear you say that. Thank you for motivating me to go even harder on my next training session. In fact I’m going to dedicate it to you.

You can say things like: Yes, I could die doing what I love, which would be better than dying from falling in your home such as falling in the shower or down the stairs which claims over 13,000 lives each year1.

You could ask them to give up showering and driving since far more people die each year from those two activities than your style of training.

Tell them that you’re glad they think you’re nuts, it means you must be doing something right.

When you deal with it in this manner you take away any power they have and turn it into a positive force that drives you.

Revel in the fact that you’re different, fall in love with the fact that you’re a freak. It’s ok. Normal is boring and you’re not boring.

In The End

In reality you’re never going to change them so why even attempt to do so. Let them be who they are and just head them off at the pass, take away the power of their words by loving them and using them as fuel to stoke your already massive fire.




What Does It Mean To Train for Insane Fitness?

To answer this question we will first have to define training to insane fitness according to who?

Are you training insanely when viewed by Tour De France riders, Ultra Runners or just people who use their gym membership whenever they feel like it?

If you have a Tour De France rider say you’re insane then that’s a mind blowing accomplishment that will likely go into the Guinness Book Of World Records.

If someone training moderately hard at your gym says you’re absolutely off your rocker insane then you’re going to fit right in here.

To belong here means that you’re not normal, you love to excel, to go farther or lift more than regular people. You’re wired differently and everyone around you knows it.

When you envision your training you don’t just hope you can go out and have an ok or average training session, you want to crush it.

Since you’re still reading this, we know that we’ve just described you and you’ve just found your new source for insane fitness information.

Insane Is A Mindset

Think about it.

We all have (unless you’re disabled) two legs and two arms. But the real difference is what we have between our ears.

Successful people just think differently.

A few great examples in various areas of sports and life are:

“I made my first investment at the age of 11. Up until then I was wasting my life” ~ Warren Buffet.

“Through my illness I learned rejection. I was written off. That was the moment I thought, Okay, game on. No prisoners. Everybody’s going down” ~ Lance Armstrong

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them” ~ Bruce Lee


“To be #1 you must do what #2 won’t” ~ Patrick Shelley


It’s Good To Be Different


The French say ‘Vive La Difference’. This is actually a great motto because every person you look up to, that society reveres is different than the masses. If they weren’t, no one would even notice them.


Only the people like you who are different will have what it takes to go further and do more than all the others.


The guy or gal that finished number 1 did what everyone behind them wouldn’t do.


They started doing it in training. But, to do it in training they had to first do something differently in their mind. They had to think differently than everyone else because it all starts between your ears.

There is an old saying that we don’t know the origin of, or we’d give credit to that person, which goes like this: “If you continue to think what you’ve always thought, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got” ~ Unknown.


If you want something to happen differently than its happened in your past, even as recently as earlier today, then you must first change your mind. If you don’t, it won’t.


The best way to change your mind is to just decide. Decide to think positively, decide to not think negative thoughts. Decide that you’re going to achieve a new personal best record in a set time frame, decide to start consuming more positive material (content, such as books, websites or videos) on a daily basis.


Whatever it is, just decide that this is what you’re going to do. And in so much as you remain true to your decision, so shall be the breadth and depth of your success.


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How To Mentally Prepare For Your Insane Fitness Training

Insane fitness training takes a lot more mental focus than anything the average person will ever experience.

Most people that go out for a run, go to the gym, go for a bike ride or do a cross fit session don’t really have to think about it that much. They’re not going to be pushing themselves to the upper limits of their genetic potential and they don’t even want to try.

But, that’s where you’re different.

You want to see what you’re made of, you want to achieve a personal best record every time you train. You’re looking to be the very best version of yourself you can possibly be. You’re ready to do what others won’t, to go beyond where their fear makes them stop.

You don’t just want to be fit, you want to be insanely fit. We know, we get it. We know it’s just as much a part of you as breathing, because we’re the same way.

To get ready for such a monumental training effort takes a certain mental focus that goes way beyond what most people will ever experience even once, and you do it all the time.

You know that if you’re properly prepared mentally that your body can and will do it. You also know that if you’re not where you need to be with your mind that your body won’t cooperate.

There is an old saying that goes: “It’s mind over matter, and if you don’t mind, it don’t matter”.

We will talk about the unique special power that quotes have below. They are more powerful than you might think.

Below are the things that work really well to put you in the mental state of a true champion. One that is prepared to endure anything.

Put them into practice and watch how they work in both your training and your life.

Amazing Mental Preparation Techniques That Work.

You can do these things every day to become a more mentally fit version of yourself. Or, you can do them just prior to training to put you into that mental focus place that can help propel your training to a higher level.

  1. Meditation: Start your mental session with 5 to 7 minutes of meditation. Do your utmost to clear your mind of all thoughts. You must even clear it of the thought that you’re not supposed to be thinking anything.

At first if you can achieve 30 seconds with no thoughts whatsoever you’re doing great. Do as many 30 second pieces as you can in 5-7 minutes and as time goes by you’ll get better and better at it.

  1. Visualization: Next, visualize yourself performing your training to perfection. See yourself breaking your personal best records. Do this for 2 minutes.

Really believe you’re doing it, see yourself doing it and repeat that vision over and over for 2 minutes.

  1. Quotes: Before you do your mental training session getting ready for your insane fitness training amass as many quotes as you can find that you really like.

These should ideally be quotes that motivate and inspire you. They should not be the quotes that just inspire other people, but choose the ones that inspire you!

Keep going until you have a list of at least 30. They can be plain text or words along with an image. You can Google motivational quotes to find tons of them.

Each time after your meditation and visualization read 3 quotes 3 times each. This will only take about a minute or two, but is very powerful.

Did you know that motivational quotes are searched for up to 10 million times in Google alone each month.

There is a very good reason for that, they help people, they know it helps and they come back for more.

Pick 3 different quotes each day until you’ve read them all, then start over or add more quotes.

  1. Say Thank You!

I want you to take a very short test right now.

I want you to clear your mind, then think of something or someone you truly feel thankful for having in your life. Then, while holding that in your mind, with a big smile on your face I want you to say thank you 10 times out loud and truly mean it.

Do that right now and you’ll see that it completely changes your mindset. It’s nearly impossible to be negative after saying thank you 10 times while holding something you’re thankful for in your mind.

If you want to have it apply directly to your training then say something that you feel to be 100% true that’s along the lines of: Thank you for giving me such an amazing body that can endure what I’m about to accomplish!

Say that sentence or one that feels right to you ten times out loud while feeling it, smiling and meaning it.

Do that and watch how it affects your mental attitude for the good.

Do These Things Before Training or do them every day of your life. If you’re doing them daily then adapt your thank you statements to what you’re thankful for in life and what you’re thankful for before training.

The impact they will have on your training and your life are amazing.