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I recently got into fitness and working out and I was a total newby. I highly recommend Insane Fitness.

OCR Enthusiast

Insane Fitness USA is the HOME for those like yourself, who others think are crazy and could never see themselves doing what you do.

You’ve finally found your place where you’ll find other people, like you, who are into taking their training, performance and winning to the next level.

Since you’re beyond the norm, you need a site you can relate to and here’s how Insane fitness USA is different…

Massive Time Savings

We know your time is precious so we scour the globe and sift through all the nonsense to bring you only the latest cutting edge training, fitness and competition information that will truly help you take it to the next level.

We save you hours of combing through confusing, outdated, bad ideas that don’t work and only deliver the true gems to you right on a digital silver platter.

The Truth

You already know why it’s so confusing out there with all the misinformation. 

This supposed expert says this and another one says something totally different.

It can feel nearly impossible sometimes to figure out who’s right.

You’ll never have to worry about that again. We do all the work for you to sort the good from the bad and the truth from fiction. We supply you with only the most correct and up to date information that will skyrocket your progress right where you want it to be.

Sure, it might look good on paper. But, when you see it on Insane Fitness USA, that means it also works in the real world too.


We know the hardened fact that; anything that doesn’t produce results is worthless.

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That’s why you’ll be so happy with Insane Fitness USA as your new home for all things fitness that go way outside the box.

We are 100% dedicated to helping you achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of and getting them for ourselves as well.Yes, we are extreme fitness enthusiasts just like you. This all sounds absolutely fantastic but…

What’s In It For You?

Discover How To Train Smarter

Just the fact that you’re reading this page already means that you likely train really hard. So, then you know the real difference that separates the winners from the losers is training smart.

On Insane fitness USA you’ll uncover the secrets that will allow you to train smart so you can excel and even dominate your sport with unerring precision.

You’ve always wanted the world’s best training information so you could leave everyone else in the dust. Well, now you’re going to get it when you follow the instructions below.

Oh, and by the way, did we mention it’s all free!

The Champions Mindset

Everyone knows what truly separates a champion from those that ALWAYS seem to finish somewhere behind #1. The person that consistently finishes first has a different mindset than everyone else.

Everyone trains hard, but true champions think differently.

You’ll excel tremendously through reading our thought training content. Feedback from readers like yourself has been nothing short of awe inspiring.

You’ll get the best of the best on a regular basis with emails straight to your inbox letting you know your new post is ready.

Nutrition For Winners

You cannot continue to grow and evolve in your training or sport without proper nutrition. One day you’ll hit that wall, have a big injury or start having nagging ones. It’s not debatable, it’s a fact.

You must have the right nutritional information for your specific training needs or sport. A bodybuilder cannot eat like an ultra-runner and vise verse. You have to eat to fuel what you do.

Then, you need to have the RIGHT information to prevent injuries, illnesses and recover properly or you’ll train yourself right into a problem.

We’ve got you covered. You’ll receive the latest cutting-edge information with all the science broken down into laymen’s terms so it’s super easy to digest. But, all the citations will be there so you can go read the studies whenever you want to.

Tips That Give You The Edge

It only takes one piece of the right information to give you the advantage you’ve always wanted and catapult you to the next level.

You’ll receive tons of tips, tricks and hacks that will hand deliver those bites of info that can separate you from the pack.

What You Need To Do Now

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You’ve finally found your place where you’ll find other people, like you, who are into taking their training, performance and winning to the next level.

PJ  Mixed Martial Artist

Insane Fitness gave me some insights on how to shorten my recovery times and reduce joint pain so the I could be stronger in my sport.

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Get The 7 Secrets To Skyrocket Your Sports Performance In Any Sport

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